Growing up in the Dallas area, Dean and Doris were married in 1970. In the summer of 1975, Jesus became the Lord of their lives. They have three sons, Gary, Clay, and Matthew. Matthew, the youngest, is still at home.

In 1982, the Lord called them into ministry, specifically for work in Eastern Europe. They began to fulfill this call in March, 1985, and moved to Germany. The began with traveling in and out of Romania, and working with a local German church.

In 1991, they moved to Czechoslovakia. In 1994, Dean made his first trip to Siberia, Russia.

From 1995 until 1999, they were in Estonia, and traveled to Russia. Late 1999, they relocated back to the United States. For the time being, the United States is their base and they travel to the different countries from here.

In 2000, they began ministry in the Ukraine, and in 2002, they ministered in Poland and India. From 2005 to 2007, they lived and worked in Russia.

They have recently done ministry in the Czech Republic, India, Armenia, and the Ukraine.

TurnerTo learn more about their ministry please visit their website here and if you would like to donate you can donate online or send a check to:

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