Rosemary and Barbara are missionaries to Choluteca, Honduras in Central America. They have lived and worked in Choluteca since October of 1992 ministering to hundreds of people each week. Through their ministry, many have received Jesus into their lives and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Love and joy enters into the hearts of the people, and many lives are changing.

Abundant Life Christian School: From 7:00AM to 4:00PM Monday – Friday, Rosemary and Barbara work in a Christian bilingual school. Rosemary is the Pastor of the school. She leads devotions, teaches Bible classes and counsel and prays for anyone who has needs. Barbara is the Math and Physics teach for 9th-12th grades. She encourages excellence in academics and in character. Rosemary and Barbara are happy to be training the next leaders of Honduras. It is a blessing to be able to make huge differences in the lives of many.

Community Bible Studies: Rosemary and Barbara teach large Bible studies in six different communities to a total of about 1400 people each week. The Bible studies are on Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday mornings. Similar to a church service, the praise and worship is beautiful, and then comes the Word of God, and they close with a Bible verse and prayer. Because these Bible studies are located in very poor communities, and they receive no government help, Rosemary and Barbara provide lunches to everyone who attends the service. All the people are grateful for the study and the food. And the best part is that the people are so very open to the Lord. What a ripe mission field the Lord has sent them to!!

Other ministries are a discipleship group, sponsorships for children to a private Christian school and ministries to the workers and teachers of the school. This is a ministry of love, and love makes a tremendous difference in the lives of people. Their tough exterior softens and then they experience the love of God in their hearts!!

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