An Opportunity for YOU to Change the Destiny of a Child!

Everyone’s attention is on the increasing threat of exploitation of children and young girls all over the world.  Those that provide rehabilitation for these kids are quick to state that the best “answer” is to provide education and alternatives for kids so that they are not so easily victimized by these evil attractions.  We offer you the opportunity to be part of the “answer” for hundreds of kids in the rural town of Diriamba, Nicaragua in a wonderful Christian school environment.  Mama Nubia started this school many years ago in a very humble setting and God has provided growth, development, and recognition for this project that affectionately carries my name as the Donna Holland Christian School.

A donation of $250 will sponsor a needy child for a full year at the school.  This $250 will cover tuition, uniforms, backpack and supplies.  This child will also benefit from a daily feeding program at the school.  The school will provide you with the name and school year level of the child that you sponsor.

A general one-time donation or monthly donation of any amount will be a blessing to the operation of the school.  Donations designated to the feeding program providing a meal to 100’s of children each school day is also greatly appreciated.

It’s easy to make a donation by clicking here or by mailing a check to:

P.O. Box 270996
Flower Mound, TX 75027

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